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Why we love Moreton

Moreton is a pretty unique place to run, and we’re pretty lucky to hold such a great race weekend here, Weekend At The Races.

The estate has been owned by the Frampton family for nearly a thousand years. The current Mr Frampton Hobbs invited us to run around his back garden a few years ago.

When you arrive you’ll see that it’s an equestrian centre… so obviously the medals had to be horse/unicorn themed!

This year we return with our usual distances, as well as a couple of one-off races, over the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend!

New for 2022

The Twilight Unicorn is a five-mile race over the Frolic course, with a one-off special medal and goodies. We’re holding this in the dusky, twilight hours of the evening, so it should be cool and will offer a different perspective on that course.

The Moreton Half Marathon is one lap of the marathon route. It’s pretty flat and covers private areas of the estate that no one else runs around. Bridging that gap between the marathon and 10 Mile gives you a chance to tackle a new challenge.

So those are the new bits. We also return with the Moreton Marathon, a two-lap romp over the estate, which is pretty flat compared to the other races we do. We have rerouted away from the busy road near Bovington Camp and out of the large wooded area – which was a bit too technical even for us!

The Moreton 10 Mile returns over an abbreviated marathon course, and the Unicorn Frolic and Kids’ event are back too. That’s a whole lotta running.

The Frolic is, as usual, based on how many laps you as a solo or part of a team can run. Most laps in the fastest time wins. Easy. No idea what we’re on about? Read our ‘How to run a Frolic’ page first.

The one thing that’s great about Moreton is the ‘Frolicing Gin Bar’… which has been something of a success. An extra chance to have a pit stop on the Frolic course and sample some gin (non-alcoholic options too) from a proud Gin connoisseur.

Then we have the kids’ race, which sees dozens of little Unicorns running over a 3K route with lots of smiles and cheers.

This year we’re having a free barn dance on the Saturday evening for all campers and runners from Black Sheep, our resident house band.

We are sooooo looking forwards to this it hurts. Make sure you check out the event and select which race you want to be in before we open for entries.

Entries open at 7pm on Friday 28th January 2022 via ClubTrac.

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