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We know some of you are waiting to enter Run Jurassic in September and Mapperton Muddle in December, but currently can’t do so on the Clubtrac website. These two events are temporarily closed to new entries. If you already have an entry to any of these events, you can log in to your account and manage your entry as usual. You can still enter the Giants Head races (Marathon and Sydling Hill Race) and the Cider Races in July as usual.

We have some behind-the-scenes admin and technical issues to work through, which needs some time, but we’re at full capacity as a team getting ready for the Giants Head weekend, so once that’s out of the way, we’ll be able to move on to sorting out these future events and will be able to give you an update.

We’re replying to messages as quick as we can, but we are prioritising the Giants Head ones first as this event is coming up fast, so if you are waiting for a reply, we will get to you asap.

Thanks for understanding. 

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