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Update on Full On Sport

Hi, it’s Andy from White Star,

Over the weekend we learned the sad news that Full On Sport (FOS) was entering into administration. DO NOT PANIC! I know you’ve started panicking. “My race entry… OMG!” DO NOT PANIC!

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on many lives and businesses all over the UK. Full On Sport, like many other race service providers, have been hit particularly hard. We have worked with the guys at FOS since bringing in chip timing to our events in 2016; they’ve always provided an outstanding service to you, our customers, and to us as their customers.

This is a hard time for all at the company and while they work through their options we want to let you know what will happen for White Star Running. DO NOT PANIC! The FOS platform is remaining live for our events and you can still enter any of our races that are open and have places available. Your entry fee is coming straight to us; the platform processing fee you normally pay to FOS will go to pay the online hosting and associated fees.

If you have a ‘banked’ entry with us you can still request to use it by emailing us for any of our races that have places available ([email protected]). If you are on a waiting list for a sold-out race, then nothing changes. Basically, nothing has changed and all your entries are safe. See, you have stopped panicking.

We wish the team at FOS all the best for the tough future ahead and hope that while all parties settle into new arrangements, you are as patient and understanding as always.

Thanks, WSR Team

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