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Trick or Treatathon

A new virtual event for Halloween, on the 31st October you will have a 12 hour period to do as much running OR walking as you want. Open to any age or ability.

So run or walk as far as you like.  If you want to complete with friends or family you are more than welcome to do so but please ensure you do not have groups larger than 6! (Got to get our Covid19 bit in!)

There will be spooky tricks or treats to do throughout the event. and your goodies include a bespoke spooky wooden medal, a limited edition reusable cup, free muff voucher and postage for all these goodies to get direct to your door.

This is a treasure hunt, if you want to! We will provide a list of things we would like you to find or do – yes some performing will be involved! The more creative you are the better. You take photos while on your run of the things we ask you to take photos of “treasures on the list”….best photo will win prizes

We don’t choose the best pics in each category this time around we have volunteered our lovely Cheerleaders to take a category each we trust their judgement!  The prizes will be varied and accessible to anyone even the kids….so keep any eye out on our event for more information or sign up whilst there are still spaces.


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