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Trick or Treat-a-thon Race Instructions

Our last Virtual was ACE I am sure we all know Delilah off by heart now. So we are doing one last one for the time being and its an interactive one with our Cheerleaders choosing the best pics and videos


These are the things that we would like you to take pictures of and upload on the 31st October to the albums we will set up in the Facebook group.

Some rules

  • Please submit only 1 photo/video to each category
  • Run as far as you want
  • Get the kids involved extra prize for cutest kids
  • Not sure what a spooky beverage is….hemlock?
  • There will be extra points for Ben Pitfield style dramatic pointing at things
  • You have until the end of the 1st November to submit photos and videos, anything received after this date won’t be included in prize decisions
  • Upload the pics in the albums we set up and the videos directly into the group

Our Cheerleaders are picking the winners and we will publish the winners on the 9th November.

Loads of prizes Nicky Chrascina from Flanci active wear is doing the prizes for best fancy dress, race entries and clothing bundles from us

This LOL Its just a jump to the right….!

Good luck and dazzle us with you outfits

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