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Timing Monkey for 2021 events

For many years we’ve enjoyed a great relationship with Full on Sport. Unfortunately they became one of the casualties of Covid, but because we had such a good connection to the team there, we were able to keep our events live on the entry platform website to continue taking entries.

The administrative process has been worked through, and a new team now own and manage Full On Sport. Our events are still live on the website to enter, and old race results still show too.

This gave us a chance to explore new opportunities for the provision of our chip-timing services. We are pleased to announce that this year our races will be timed by Timing Money.

Timing Monkey is a Dorset-based company (yeah – environmentally friendly points!) who started up three years ago and have been growing in capacity, providing a professional and affordable timing solution.

We’re excited to bring Matt and his team on board and look forward to building our working relationship with them to bring you an accurate timing solution for our events.

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