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An update on squeakies at 2022 Frolics

If you’ve joined us at a Frolic event in the past, you’ll know that we have always used squeaky animals as our relay baton (don’t ask), and also included them as part of your goody bags.

We appreciate that you have enjoyed collecting these completely unique extras and that they’ve also raised a laugh. You might have appreciated them a bit less if pets or small children have got their hands on them… sorry, those squeaks last a long time.

However, going forward, we’re changing our use of squeakies. Now, we know some of you will be disappointed, but we’ve had to think about whether they really line up with our ethos of sustainability.

We feel that these squeakies are an unnecessary use of plastic materials. Not only that, they have to travel a really long way to get to us, which doesn’t really feel right – using long-distance couriers just to deliver massive boxes of plastic squeaky cows is probably not hugely planet friendly. Therefore, we won’t be ordering them anymore and we’re actively looking for a better, but still fun, option for our future Frolics.

However, we have quite a few left in our warehouse so we will keep using them up until our stocks run out – we don’t want to waste them. We will be providing them in goody bags as standard for all Frolic entrants, but if you don’t want to take one as a memento, then we won’t mind – just let us know.

If you’re running in a team at a Frolic, you will have the option to have one baton per team to hand over in true relay fashion. You can argue between you about who gets to take that one home with them afterwards. You can also opt not to have a baton at all – it’s not a requirement.

We hope you understand our thoughts on this as we strive to improve our eco footprint a little more with every race. Any thoughts on alternative and eco-conscious batons, feel free to throw them at us (although not literally please). 

Thanks as always,

The WSR Team

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