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Race transfers

Race transfers

How to transfer or defer your race place

Our Fair Runner Policy

We have a Fair Runner Policy that gives various options if you’re unable to take part in a race. The terms and conditions you agree to when you sign up to one of our races state that your entry fee is non-refundable, but your options are detailed below and can be completed before the deadline day has passed for your event.

In most cases, managing your entry can be completed yourself via your Clubtrac account. See our guides at the bottom of this page.

Want to transfer your race place?

If you want to transfer your race place to another runner, simply follow the instructions before the transfer deadline date. Transfer deadline dates are shown in the event information pages on this website. It is your responsibility to make sure the transfer has been completed before the deadline, otherwise you will lose the place. To transfer to the next person on the waiting list, or someone you know, follow the steps in the instruction guides listed below.

Want to defer your race place?

If you want to defer your entry to another one of our races, you’ll need to follow the instruction guide below on how to defer your entry to another race.

If you’re not sure which race you want to enter yet, you can pick ‘Banked Entries’ from the list, so your entry can sit safe until you decide what you want to use it for. See more on Banked Entries below.

You can use a Banked Entry against another race in the future, but you must use for a race held within 12 MONTHS of your request to bank the entry, otherwise we will remove the entry from our database. Once you’ve chosen a race, follow the guide on how to defer your entry again to select the race you’d like to participate in from the list.

What are banked entries?

Sometimes you might not know what future race you want to defer to, which is why we offer the Banked Entries system. You can transfer your entry into the Banked Entries event, which will hold your race place for you until you decide what event you want to do. You can then transfer your entry out of the Banked Entries event and into the race of your choice, as long as the race is open for entries and has spaces.

Banked Entries are not a voucher code or credit, therefore they cannot be applied at checkout. They need to be transferred out of the bank and into the race of your choice. Banked Entries are designed to be a short-term holding space while you think about what race you want to do instead and use your race place for. You must use your Banked Entry within 12 months of when you first place it into the bank.

We have a more detailed overview of banked entries in our article here.

What if I miss a deadline?

We think our policy on transfers/deferrals is fair to you as a runner and also to our long-term survivability as a company. We will remind you of the transfer deadline for your entered event via email about two weeks before. Once the transfer deadline has passed, it is too late to transfer or defer or bank your place if you can’t use it.

We do have a Post-deadline illness and injury policy if something crops up after the deadline has passed, which gives you a chance to earn your medal and goodies virtually rather than lose out entirely (conditions apply). If you put an entry in the bank, then please remember that you must apply this to another race within 12 months. We get lots of requests for using banked entries outside of their validity and we will have to say no.

It is written into our terms and conditions – which you do have to agree to as a condition of entering a race – and we think that holding onto an entry for a year is a reasonable length of time to use it up. We hope you can understand that we have to stick to these policies for everyone. We really hate saying no, but we have made our transfer and deferral policies as generous.

Instruction guides for managing your entry