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Race Entry Prices

FOS have been designing and developing new software for Race Organisers that has lots more features for you and us. Moving forward all our races will be on the new system- it’s all shinny and new.

As before when you enter a race Full On Sport (FOS) take a cut. This covers their bank charges, VAT….(bloody HMRC) and costs of running the website etc – Absolutely fair enough.

They have to be transparent with what fees are made up of and now their fee will appear on top of the race entry you pay to us. The reasoning for this is the distance selling rules for online purchases and so refunds can be made but the bank charges will be retained by FOS. This feature was always there, but FOS have decided to break it out, as their service is delivered at the point of entry. Last year, during the snow storms they had to refund all entries plus their booking fee…..leaving them seriously in the red

So this is now broken out and is non-refundable. But it means should we have to cancel an event last minute we can refund or defer you to another event without bankrupting us or FOS. These fees are much much less then Active Network 8% or Runners World  that charge you or the race 10.4% and so on. It will show in your basket as a processing fee on top of your race entry.

So there you have it, we’ve tried to be fair to everyone including ourselves.


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