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Ox Races 2022

The Ox races are coming back in May 2022, but what can you expect from this popular event? Here’s your ‘everything you need to know’ guide!

What the Ox?

The Ox Races take place at the Rushmore Estate (which is also home to the Spring Larmer Tree Races in March, which you can find out more about here). We’ve already done a long blog about the history of the Ox Races, which you can read here. We love our relationship with the Rushmore Estate and we’re grateful that they keep having us back year after year.

In 2022, the races will take place 6th-8th May. On offer are the following races:

Friday 6th May: Dark Ox – just over 10K in the dark

Saturday 7th May: Ox 50 – 50 miles on our lapped course; Ox Frolic – as many laps as you like in 12 hours

Sunday 8th May: Light Ox – same as the Dark Ox, but in the light; Ox Half – a challenging half-marathon on the hills 

The Ox Frolic is also dog friendly. Full details about each race can be found here: Not sure what a Frolic is? Read this.

In 2021 we did a one-off Ox of Two Halfs, which being a one off means it’s not on next year. Treasure that medal if you took part, as you won’t be able to get it again!

Entry info

Okay, so first, lots of you will have a deferred entry to this event. If you have, you’ll get an email soon to confirm your entry, which will be on our new entry system on ClubTrac. We need to move everyone over, so bear with us, but you will get your confirmation email before the race opens for new entries.

If you can’t make the new dates, wait until the race is open and you will then be able to transfer to another person, a different event or pop it in the ‘banked entries’ pot until you decide what you want to do with it.

You can find out more about race transfers here.

If you’re getting excited and want to enter one of these great races, then entries will open on THURSDAY 30TH DECEMBER at 7pm.

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