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Lockdown Frolic Instructions

A sort of virtual but with things to do.
At 7 am on Saturday morning on our social media feeds your race day instructions will appear.
Now I am not giving away what you need but think WSR and think erm well use your imagination
This is an event where you will to do things and find things…..then take photos of you finding and doing these things
The more you push the envelope and pose for the camera the better
• The better dressed you are the more points
• Think WSR so think what we like and then think where you are aiming to run and what photos you can take when out… get my drift
• The more you push the realms of ludicrousness the better
• Pics mean prizes, video means prizes
Pre-race essential kit list….when I say essential is doesn’t have to be essential essential but if you want to take part then it’s essential….with me? But if you don’t want to take part then don’t its not essential
• A fully charged mobile phone able to take photos if you do not possess a telephone what takes pics feel free to take your box brownie Nikon thing or a Polaroid Instamatic…..any old enough to remember Polaroid cameras I am amazed you can still walk let alone run at your age, so remember pics mean prizes. There is a video element to the frolic which is like all things voluntary
• Running shoes. Colour optional. Blue is the colour of champions
• Sense of humour it helps not being a miserable sod
• An electronic measuring device like a Garmin or Tom Tom or something
• A vegetable of your choice. Not fruit though…..I don’t want this to get weird
• A copy of the lyrics to the Tom Jones classic Delilah, printed off or on your phone or even the song its self on your phone…..this is the video bit but download the song trust me. For this think hymn sheets.
• A face mask….Covid innit
That’s the full essential kit list for next weeks frolic please make sure you follow the above guideline carefully
Non essential kit,…………beware the red herring
Below is a list of non essential items
• Clothing. Fancy dress not essential but pics mean prizes. Tu-tus are a thing just sayin
• A saucepan lid and clean wooden spoon
• A photograph of an elderly relative even better a full size cut out of an elderly relative
• A string vest and short shorts think 118
• An alcoholic beverage in a hip flask ahem
• Pack lunch, you never know
Remember this about looking amazing for the camera and being amazing


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