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I could run 100 Miles

Right so part of my job is to come up with ideas to kill you or at least help you on your way.

EPIC challenge, GHM, Crafty Fox races, Pregnant Sheep Hill, Dark everything

So now we are planning a 24 hour race, July 2019. So now normally the Ultra community does belt buckles for runners that go over 100 miles. Well I think that is only applicable in a point to point and not a lapped race. It just doesn’t feel right with us. If you were running to Portsmouth and back..I mean why wouldn’t you want to stay…? but that’s like 100 mile there and back. Then fine.

But anyway I digress.

We will be giving everyone who runs over 100 miles as a solo another medal

“The Cor Blimey that’s a long way” award

Designed by Running Imp natch

24 hours-100 miles doable?

Obviously as its an equestrian centre…Sheriffs badge

This is only for next years 24 hour no other races

Entry opens soon


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