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Dark Moors Race Instructions

Yesterday was the deadline for deferring or transferring your place, if you’re unable to attend the race now because you test positive for Covid, have to isolate or are injured, we will let you complete the race virtually and send you your medals and goodies.

Stay up to date with last-minute information in the Facebook Event.

Race instructions for next weekend, have been published below, please read them carefully as they contain helpful information for a smooth event experience.

White Star Running shop: Will be onsite selling our own branded t-shirts, hoodies and lots of other goodies, including some great new winter T-shirts. You can also click and collect any items from our online shop, with orders being taken up until Thursday 26th January for us to pack and bring with us for you. Please use the code ‘darkmoors’ at checkout so we know you want to collect at the event.

Please remember your torches and we look forward to seeing you in all your lights, for the finale of the Dark Dash Series.

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