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Calling all carried over Imperial Series Runners

The Imperial Series has all gone a bit bumpy over the last couple of years with so many things going wrong, but the Imperial Series is due back for 2022!

Some of you had entries in 2020 that got deferred, so the 3 races have collated the names they have got associated to a series entry and they can be seen here.

If you think you were entered for any of the races under a series entry please check the list.

If you no longer want a series entry and don’t intend to enter any of the races you’re missing, please email the race organiser for the entry (see below) you have to let them know, so they can adjust their records

– If you have a series entry and a X next to each race you don’t need to do anything

– If you have 1 race or 2 races with an X against them and intend to enter those you’re missing to complete a series entry then look out for your missing race/races opening and bag an Imperial entry

If you are missing from the list and think you should have a series entry for one or more races, please contact the race organiser so they can look into your entry

Lytchett 10 – [email protected]

Bournemouth 10 – [email protected]

Larmer 10 – [email protected]

Hopefully we can get these amended within the next week ready to get places open for the Imperial Series 2022.

So thank you in advance for starting to plan your 2022 race season with us.

Tony, Ian & Andy

Imperial Series Race Directors

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