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Blog of niceness

Hello everyone and welcome to White Star Runnings Blog of niceness

So this is new for us as we are children of Facebook.

So we are a small company based in Dorset we organise some pretty amazing races in places where no one else runs

Find us on Facebook at

We are  on Twitter sometimes @GHMarathon

Instagram if you are really trendy

So the idea of this blog is to create something a bit more permanent. There will be discussion on:

Fancy dress….it happens a lot and is not compulsory

Vegans and vegetarians, we get loads at our races

Hills and why they are amazing

Race reports and links from our runners, news and what we are up to on a sometimes day to day basis

There will be comment from us about stuff in the running world

Some givens

Swindon is the swinging capital of England

Every one of our races is scenic, we run in some of the counties best areas sometimes on land where no else runs or is allowed to, we work with Dorset best companies to bring you the best, breweries, bakers, purveyors of fine foods

Our races are not well measured, live with it

Our road races that’s 2 in total, are well measured live with that too

Some of our races are hilly, some muddy, some boiling hot, some not so, Bad Cow is flat (no one believes me)

We have nice medals, we like medals its our thing…as our squeaky toys and t-shirts with willys on

Willys….they are a thing too

90’s Hip hop happens too God knows why

we do things every so often for charity, because we are able to

We drink too much

The most asked questions

What’s a “Lovestation”?

At our races we realise that sometimes you need a bit of boost at the bit in the race where you are starting flag, normally 20 miles in marathons, 7 or 8 in a half etc, so we have the Lovestation. When you rock up to the Lovestation you can have a sit down and glass of something nice like flat Coke or a cider and chew on a cake or Scotch egg and just get your shit together before venturing on to finish the race.

There may be a hug or two. The serious side is we can also have a look at you and assess whether you are in a fit state to carry on. We realise that most of our races are not easy and present some challenges, heat, cold, falling over, hills, exhaustion etc. can all take a toll and we are keen not to have any casualties. We take safety seriously and would only pull you out of the race if we felt you looked like death and for you to continue would put you at risk.

“Dogging I love it” We try and be Canicross friendly where we can and it’s safe to do so. A list of 2018 races you can run with your dog are listed here
More info here

What shoes should I wear?

…there is no answer to this although on trails it may well be best to wear trail shoes….and on roads gah….yes


Yes our races have camping and book camping here…/weekend-camping-for-a…/profile

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