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A change in entry platform

As we’ve mentioned before, we’ve enjoyed a great relationship with Full on Sport over the years. Unfortunately they became one of the casualties of Covid, but because we had such a good connection to the team there, we were able to keep our events live on the entry platform website to continue taking entries.

The administrative process has now been worked through, and a new team now own and manage Full On Sport. Our events are still live on the site to enter, and old race results still show too. This gave us a chance to explore new opportunities for the provision of our chip-timing services and we announced recently that this year our races will be timed byTiming Money.

So that left the entry platform side of our events to consider. We’ve decided to work with Eventrac moving forward with our entries. It has the same great capabilities for you to enter events and to transfer your place to another runner or to someone on the waiting list. But a brand-new feature is that it will allow you to defer your place to another race if you’re unable to run.

Future events will start to open up onEventrac. If you haven’t got an account already, sign yourselves up now, then as soon as we open entries you’ll be ahead of the game.

This will mean that we have two entry systems running while we work through the changeover, but information and instructions for using both will be available in our FAQs and Race Transfer pages.

June will see next year’s exciting Run New Forest event open for entries; in July, Spring Larmer 2022 will move across to the new system; and in August, the long-awaited Dark Dash Series for those all-important winter runs will open up for entries too.

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