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White Star Cheerleader Program

Hello and welcome to the most unoriginal idea we have ever had.

We are today asking you to promote yourself to promote us.
Come again?
We want you to be an ambassador…maybe.
Lots of companies have ambassadors or reps and people who sell themselves on behalf of that company or organisation.
Some people do this really well, some charities, the National Running Show, Tailwind, Race Check’s Visor Club and others spring to mind. They have ambassadors that sell the brands really well.
There are some though (mention no names) that are pretty rubbish at it, not looking after their ambassadors or expecting the earth in return for a bandana and £5 off a race entry.

We shall be different
This is different…….you are now thinking “get on with it FFS, what have I gotta do and what stuff do I get?”
Run in our races….Duh! You don’t have to enjoy our races…ok you do really or why are you here?
Speed. Does not matter.
Gender. Not worried.
Age. Over 18’s sorry (insurance and the like)
Basically it doesn’t matter how fast you are, we don’t care, what shape you are or what you look like, whether you have been running months years or like Carol Hayes since the dawn of time, this is about us, you and our races. Got it? Hope so because we aren’t explaining any more.
Ok so here is what you have to do.
Wear the gear we give you whenever you can. We are not saying wear a Giants Head shirt on the school run, just wear the stuff you have, wear the spesh stuff we give you, you know what we mean.
Ok already how do I get in?
Flirt with us. Make us like you, make a move on us, make us love you. Make us notice you.
Look at us, give us a long knowing look, like the look you gave to them across the bar at Yates Wine Lodge on a Saturday night after too many Lambrinis.
Make our stomachs have butterflies, like a Victorian Gentleman, when a lady shows a shapely ankle.

Tell us your deepest secrets….ok not the secrets thing.
Your CV. Tell us about your running, what distances you like, what sort of events you like, (better be trails or you may be disappointed) tell us what you like about us (fluff our egos) and just as importantly tell us what we can do to improve WSR, we wont be hurt we want honesty. Please note we will pinch any good ideas, we wont give you any credit, hey life is tough.
More importantly make us laugh.
Ok so what have I actually got to do when I am an ambassador?
Spread the love.

If you post a lot, as in lots and lots on Facebook, your own FB profile and groups and pages, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Jungle Telegraph and spray painting WSR on trains….not the last two.
You must have a good spread of the above, not all of them probably Facebook and Instagram are the best ones to kick off, you have them as a minimum and post about us with the privacy open….that’s a big bonus.
So if you are blogger, YouTuber and Instagrammerist and heavy into Facebook that’s a super bonus. See where we are going with this?
The more you have to say or the more you show, the better chance you have of catching our eye.
And what else?
So you have to whip up a bit of storm about WSR and our races. Tell the world you have this great race coming up, it is a WSR race. Blog about the last race you did with us. Stick your race photos on Instagram. Tag #whitestarrunning and #whitestarclothinguk. Share our Facebook stuff and like our posts.
Tell your mates about us, both on social media and verbally.

Simple eh?
Tell people you love us and tell ‘em why.
“Fine, fine I can do that…..what do I get, tell me about the stuff?”
So as you know we are not millionaires, neither are you, with Coronavirus everyone is a bit skint.
What we do have is lots and lots of bloody amazing races, lots of fabulous merchandise, great accessories, fab camping, there will be other perks as the program develops. Thing is the more you get noticed, the more we get noticed, the more people outside of us will go….”ooooh I like these people lets be nice to them, here is stuff”.

So basically in return for you being our Cheerleaders you will get
Free Race entry to anything you want including races that sell out. Spaces will be reserved for you in anything you want…. Yes including Giants Head 2021 if you want
Free camping, at all races where you can camp…obviously, not point turning up at Larmer with your caravan.
We will kit you out in t-shirts, vests, hoodies, muffs, accessories from Event Clips to gaiters, little rubber cups to squeaky chickens.

You will also get exclusive access to new routes and races as “testers”. This may not be a good thing depends if you like hills! Also an invite to the Xmas party….good eh?
There will also be a handy discount at our local running emporium.
So grand total if you did all the races and had a load of gear is about £1300 a year
That’s a lot of payback so you had better be good.

Read the following
1. I don’t run marathons am I precluded.
Absolutely not. Open to anyone that can run any distance
2. But you only do lapped races I don’t like la…
Right stop right there, we do some lapped races called Frolics all the others are single looped like Giants and Larmer or Ox half or two lappers like some of the Dark series or Crafty Fox and Moreton….tsk all lapped
3. What if I do someone else’s race am I banned?
Not at all run the race tell everyone how great we are.
4. Give and take right I get that, if we come up with ways to improve the cheerleader thing can I suggest them?
Sure can buddy, in fact let us know what we can do at any time to improve.
5. I don’t live in Dorset can I still enter?
Bloomin right you can.
6. I don’t like gherkins will this score against me?
7. Yeeeeah but your mates will get it *sobs*?
We said its open to anyone so there’s no favouritism, that’s not the way we work
8. I don’t do camping does that matter?
Not at all.
9. I am under 18 can I ….no don’t ask again. Do not lie about your age either
10. What is TikTok?
No idea its trendy though
11. Can I run with my dog?
Don’t start with that again
12. I don’t really do social media?
Well maybe this is not your bag as its posted on Instagram and Facebook how did you find it?
13. How many places are there?
8, two places have been taken by our Matrons Gina and Kelly and they will help out those who are new to social media and basically support everyone
14. What happens if I am rubbish at this?
We can help, let Matrons Kelly and Gina help you. WSR HQ can help too, we is well expert at writing n stuff, we have been on a course at the college.
15. I wanna stop.
If you don’t want to continue being a Cheerleader that’s fine keep the gear, we won’t force you give back a rubber cup when you have had 500 drinks out of it, but you will have to pay for any races you are entered into in the future.
16. How long does the scheme last? Well it starts pretty much as soon as you are selected and finishes November 2021 so 18 months ish
Then after that we will choose on a yearly basis
17. What if I behave like a dinlow?
Well the simple answer is don’t be a dinlow, but if you do something that brings us into disrepute or basically act like a pillock we will ask you kindly bugger off. We reserve the right to act like Gods, in the name all that is holy
18. When do we find out yay or nay?
We reckon there will be a lot of applicants so by the end of April at the latest

Ok kids got it? Good apply here
[email protected]
You must have your entry in by Monday 13th April
Good luck
Andy and the team xxx

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