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🎄 Welcome to our WSR 12 Runs of Christmas! 🎄

our next virtual event runs from 13th to 24th December. You don’t have to run every day. You can run or walk. It’s up to you! Now, it’s not the Olympics or a race, it’s a virtual event, so normal rules don’t apply. We want this to be family-oriented, a bit of fun. Grab the kids or your mum or your favourite mad uncle to take part, as well as your running mates. FOLLOW THE COVID GUIDANCE IN PLACE AT THE TIME OF RUNNING (there, we’ve said it).

During the event period, you have to complete a series of quests (well, you don’t have to. But it’s just a bit of fun).

Your quests are:

A drummer drumming

A piper piping

A lord a-leaping (bonus points for a real Lord)

A lady dancing

A maid a-milking

A swan a-swimming (easy!)

A goose a-laying


A calling bird

A French hen

A turtle dove

A partridge in a pear tree

PLUS: We want a pic of your tree with the decorations on (see below) and, of course, a lovely video of you singing the last verse of the 12 Days of Christmas at full belt!

Take a photo and upload it into the White Star Running Group – there will be albums for each category. ONE PHOTO PER QUEST please and thank you. Our Cheerleaders will pick the winners once again, and we’ll announce on Christmas Eve. Prizes for the best photo per quest, plus two bonus prizes. Photos submitted after the closing date won’t be counted. We don’t need to know your total mileage, unless you really want to tell us.

Now, what about your bling? You will get not 1. Not 2. But 3 Christmas Tree decorations handmade in Winton. Yes, all three! These will be sent out in advance so you can hang them on your tree. Therefore ENTRIES CLOSE ON 4TH DECEMBER 2020.

So, short story. Here’s what to do:

🎄 Enter the event here:…/wsr-12-runs…/profile

🎄 Get yourselves over to our Facebook Group and join up… it’s nice honest: you’re not on Facebook, email us any pictures you want to enter to [email protected] and we’ll post them for you)

🎄 Find a sexy Santa outfit and matching earrings (not compulsory)

🎄 Start thinking about imaginative ways to complete your quests, but don’t send them in yet. Wait until the event starts on 13th December.

🎄 Get your singing voice going to full belt. ‘FIVE GOLD RINGS’ needs to resonate like the choir on Songs of Praise

🎄 Make sure we have your correct address, so we can send you the Christmas Tree decorations

🎄 You must enter by 4th DECEMBER. We’ll start posting the medals in time for Christmas as the post is always busy You wanted this, now go enter it. Who’s in?

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